How to Manage Asthma Through Diet

Monday, March 5, 2012

Asthma is a manifestation of an allergic pattern called atopy. These disorders are connected to hay fever and eczema. Food allergy can result to immediate or delayed patterns of asthma. These food reactions lead to dramatic, sudden and life-threatening asthma. Thus, it is important to know how to manage asthma through diet.

If food allergy has delayed patterns, chances are chronic asthma and bronchitis are the neglected causes. One must know how to manage asthma through diet and revise the diet in order to remedy chronic asthma.

Other patients have tested positive to inhalant allergies which are caused by hay fever. They may also have skin reactions to the food. To know how to manage asthma through diet, foods that are produced in significant positive skin tests should be avoided in the diet of a person who has asthma. However, if there are signs that the food does not show skin reactions, then the attention must be directed to the more obvious inhalant.

The three basic treatments in knowing how to manage asthma through diet are:

1. Removing the cause of asthma

2. Providing remedy to the symptoms

3. Altering the patient's lifestyle making him more tolerant to the surrounding causes.

Patients with food-induced asthma recognize the symptoms of food allergy that show within a matter of few hours upon eating food that triggers the hay fever. Eczema and asthma are attributed to atopic patients with food allergy.

Food challenges include laryngeal edema, dyspnea, wheezing and laryngeal edema. Gastrointestinal is also connected to the problem therefore one of the solutions is to relate the connection of the allergy to the food intake and asthmatics must know how to manage asthma through diet.

This disease is often overlooked. However, the side effect is that it may result to a worse case of asthma that has a high mortality rate regardless of the improvement in drugs. It is also overlooked because asthma is said to be an illness associated to the respiratory and not the digestive system.

Therefore, while food allergens travel to the digestive tract and toward the lungs, these must be situated in the blood stream. They provide the immune complexes which trigger the release of the immune mediators into the blood stream.

These chemicals cause symptoms such as the constriction of the bronchial muscles which result to an asthmatic attack. Because the airflow has been decreased by the bronchial muscles, not much air can enter.

Good news regarding this discovery is that by knowing how to manage asthma through diet and revising the diet, the remission of chronic symptoms is also allowed. Asthma seems to have been originating inside the body because of food allergies. With the studies conducted by the Alpha Nutrition Program, those who have been diagnosed with food allergy will have an easier time figuring out what must they eat to solve their health problem.

Food holidays are beneficial. This is tested on 10 days. Patients who follow the Alpha Nutrition chart can say that they experienced a reduction or the total clearing of the asthma symptoms. They are also not as vulnerable to the acute attacks. The attacks still occur though but not as much as before, all because they are able to regulate their food intake to effectively learn how to manage asthma through diet.

Diet must include pasta, bread, muffins, eggs, cheese, yogurt, beef, poultry, salads, and fruits. Drink coffee, tea and hot chocolate. Avoid alcoholic beverages because this will only make you sick.

Stick to this diet and take note of the frequency of the asthma attacks. If it is not as frequent as before, obviously you are eating the right food and learning to know how to manage asthma through diet.

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